About fishgraphs

Fishgraphs is intended to be a site that provides science-based information about fish, fisheries, and aquaculture–especially in Florida. This information will hopefully help people to understand, explore, and question what we think we know about fish. There are two important things to keep in mind with Fishgraphs:

  1. Fishgraphs is intended to provide information, it is not intended to suggest the way people should behave or make decisions. This is an important distinction for subjects (fish conservation, fisheries, aquaculture) that require management and policy decisions that are sometimes controversial. Anything written on Fishgraphs does not represent any official positions of agencies or institutions–the information in the posts here are solely attributable to their authors.
  2. Fishgraphs is not peer-reviewed. Fishgraphs seeks to use good scientific processes for analyzing data, and these are generally documented, but it must not be confused with peer-reviewed scientific articles. Peer-review is an essential but time consuming process by which scientists peers and critics decide if research passes standards of publication. Anything posted here has not passed these standards.

Who runs fishgraphs?

Fishgraphs is currently maintained by Ed Camp. Ed is a professor of Fisheries and Aquaculture Governance at the University of Florida. As fishgraphs grows, others will hopefully contribute to the site as well.

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